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Connect 5 will integrate with your existing systems

What is your organization’s emergency plan and what emergency system do you have in place?

Creating an effective process and plan that includes immediate notification, training and testing are critical components for a successful emergency system.

Blackboard Connect specifically focuses on the notification component of your emergency system with redundant, reliable and secure mass notification technology. Connect 5 is often the main spoke in a hub of emergency alerting techniques including:

  • Connect 5 Emergency Notification System
  • Digital Signage
  • Desktop Alerting Software
  • Blue lights
  • Sirens/PA systems
  • Web Banners
  • Alert Beacons
  • Cisco phones

By building out a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to notification you can help ensure as many of your community members as possible see and acknowledge the emergency system instructions. For instance, when a shelter-in-place drill occurs, it is critical for everyone to be notified immediately. Also for this reason, Blackboard Connect encourages our clients to pursue an opt-out approach to implementation.

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